Individually customizable list views

All list- or tree-views in ibi systems iris are user-specific. At any time, you can flexibly display or hide the attributes that are relevant to you in columns, thereby preparing information according to your own needs.

ibi systems iris offers further support by the possibility to define complex filter parameters and to link filter criteria with one another. The filters can also be customized and saved individually for each user or each user group. The export of the lists with the relevant information is possible by mouse click into common file formats.

Clear detail views

All information and assignments of a data record are saved in several tabs. The overview summarizes this information and allows you to add and edit assignments to other elements of ibi systems iris.

Thus, you can view all important information about a record in a clear detailed view and, for example, display and edit the listed information of a risk on only one page without having to jump back and forth between pages.

Intelligent workflow support

ibi systems iris provides you with valuable and sustainable operational support through comprehensive workflow and automation options. For example, every user can be notified by e-mail as soon as he is assigned a responsibility or a task.

By customizing, it is also possible to define any specific actions for automating internal processes (e.g., automatic archiving of a report after closing an assessment). Furthermore, workflow wizards can be defined that guide the user through individually arranged input windows.

Context related help

ibi systems iris supports you in your daily work through a comprehensive context-related help, which can be accessed on any page in the software. The help page dynamically adjusts to the currently displayed area.

It contains useful information on the structure of the current page and the underlying functionalities and internal procedures. Illustrative application examples give you suggestions for using the individual functions in ibi systems iris. Explanatory diagrams also help you with complex topics.

Integrated reporting

With ibi systems iris, you can report quickly, target-group-specific and reliable. The integrated reporting engine enables you to make state-of-the-art reporting according to your own wishes and needs:

  • Many established standard reports
  • Individual adaptability of the standard reports according to your own wishes
  • Creation of own reports according to individual requirements in expert mode
  • Automatic storage of reports as documents in ibi systems iris
  • Export of reports in various file formats (word, pdf, excel, e-mail)

Configurable Dashboards

With meaningful widgets in the dashboards, ibi systems iris provides you with a concise summary of relevant information on all data stored in a functional area:

  • Over 40 theme-specific standard widgets such as risk-map, untreated findings, upcoming assessments, or an overview of all open measures
  • Individual dashboards for every functional area in ibi systems iris
  • User-specific customization of the dashboards via drag-and-drop, including free scaling and positioning
  • Drill-down functionality within the widgets up to the individual data set – for example to an untreated risk or a still open measure




Central management cockpit with individual dashboard widgets with tasks, messages, reminders and series elements

Platzhalter Pfeil


  • Creation and management of standards, regulations, norms and internal policies
  • Management of statements and exceptions


  • Asset and process management with activity recommendations
  • Protection requirements, business continuity management and business impact analysis


  • Creation, scheduling and performance of assessments
  • Review of assessments by automatically generated sample


  • Overview and processing of findings (e.g., vulnerabilities)
  • Management of damage events



  • Creation and management of indicators
  • Controlling the continuous recording of measurements
  • Actions for breached or not fulfilled values


  • Creation, evaluation and treatment of risks
  • Definition of risk treatment options


  • Creation of emergency scenarios
  • Execution of emergency simulations and drills
  • Creation of emergency events


  • Overview and management of measures
  • Tracking of measures


  • Overview and management of documents
  • Verification of document validity


  • Export of reports based on manageable templates
  • Export of all filterable and customizable lists
  • Individual report generation with integrated report designer
Platzhalter Pfeil