Data Protection Officer

Companies, hospitals and authorities that collect, process or use personal data, normally have to commission a competent and reliable Data Protection Officer. We provide such a specialised and reliable extern Data Protection Officer that meets the requirements of the law and ensures that the legal requirements get complied professional, effectively but also indigenously at your company, hospital or authority.

You can expect a resource-saving and comprehensive consideration of privacy and data security requirements of us. From our current operation areas, we are familiar with virtually all privacy-related areas, whether in the public or non-public area of the BDSG, the SGB or other relevant laws and regulations. For more information about our services and the benefits of an external Data Protection Officer in comparison to the appointment of a staff member, we would like you to contact us.

IT Security Officer, CIO, CISO

We offer you the possibility of permanent or temporary advice and care from an external IT / Information Security Officer or CIO / CISO. Our IT/ Information Security Officers or CIOs / CISOs are characterized by relevant work experience and huge expertise and they are able to manage your information security efficiently and purposefully.

Depending on individual contracts, the IT / Information Security Officer or CIO / CISO can take a guarantor status within the organization duty of management – and with that also a potential liability. His positioning in your company is either done in accordance with your existing organization or can be developed from both you and us together.