Adjustable Dashboards

With meaningful widgets in the dashboards, ibi systems iris provides you with a concise summary of relevant information on all data stored in a functional area:

  • Over 40 theme-specific standard widgets such as risk-map, untreated findings, upcoming assessments, or an overview of all open measures
  • Individual dashboards for every functional area in ibi systems iris
  • User-specific customization of the dashboards via drag-and-drop, including free scaling and positioning
  • Drill-down functionality within the widgets up to the individual data set – for example to an untreated risk or a still open measure

Integrated reporting

With ibi systems iris, you can report quickly, target-group-specific and reliable. The integrated reporting engine enables you to make state-of-the-art reporting according to your own wishes and needs:

  • More than 100 established standard reports
  • Individual adaptability of the standard reports according to your own wishes
  • Creation of own reports according to individual requirements in expert mode
  • Automatic storage of reports as documents in ibi systems iris

Flexible views

All list- or tree-views in ibi systems iris are user-specific. At any time, you can flexibly display or hide the attributes that are relevant to you in columns, thereby preparing information according to your own needs.

ibi systems iris offers further support by the possibility to define complex filter parameters and to link filter criteria with one another. The filters can also be customized and stored individually for each user or each user group, so that they can display the relevant information directly at a mouse click.

Extensive rights concept

ibi systems iris uses a comprehensive role and rights concept to protect your confidential information from unauthorized gazes. Therefore, for each access, the user’s organizational structure as well as the user’s functional permissions are checked for each individual data set to determine whether the user is allowed to view and/or edit the object.

Exceptions of the access rights which extend beyond the standard rules are fine-grained and, if necessary, also limited in time, via authorizations for individual users as well as organizational units at the individual data access level.

Workflow and automation

ibi systems iris provides you with valuable and sustainable operational support through comprehensive workflow and automation options.

Thus, for example, each user can be informed directly in iris and, if desired, by e-mail as soon as he gets assigned a responsibility or a task. By configuration, it is also possible to define any specific actions for the automation of internal processes (e.g., automatic archiving of a report after closing an assessment).