Our interdisciplinary qualified and experienced business and IT consultants guarantee the effective and efficient realization of your requirements.

The optional support of our consulting services by software is particularly worthwhile. It ensures a sustaining and economic value enhancing procedure – from situation analysis up to conception and realization of optimization potential.

  • profound expertise
    and high quality
  • holistic
  • interdisciplinary
  • optional
    software support
  • approved models
    and concepts
  • training and

The system-supported consulting is the ideal solution to comply with the growing intern and extern requirements and the economical complexity that comes along with it.


Dr. Stefan Wagner, Head of Consulting and Sales, ibi systems GmbH

Our proceeding

Interdisciplinary knowledge as guarantee for success

Our business and IT consulting is based on consequent implementation of complex business processes’ optimization potentials. We are able to exhaust these optimization potentials in unique manner considering your specific needs, due to the optional software support on our consulting services.

Conception in teamwork

After a jointly executed kick-off workshop, the consulting assignment and optimization purpose is concretised in close collaboration with the customer. At this stage our interdisciplinary team develops a customized solution with the customer.

Transparent consulting

We can ensure an always transparent consulting due to on-site consulting and a holistic consulting concept. That way our customers have constant access to the progress of the projects and can express feedback any time.

High contentment through periodic status reports

We arrange regular status meetings with our customers to inform them about the latest status of the project.

Intense support even after the consulting services

We strive for successful cooperation in the long term. With our extensive knowledge in the field of governance, risk and compliance, security, business continuity and audit management we remain available as point of contact, even after the conclusion of a consulting project.

Competences and project examples

Benefit from our expertise and utilize our diverse consulting services about the fields of governance, risk and compliance, security, business continuity and audit management.

We are looking forward to the interchange with you and would appreciate to implement conjointly developed purposes. We introduce you to a small selection of our previous projects in the following.

  • Security
  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Compliance
  • Audit
  • Business Continuity
Conception and launch of IT audits according to Cobit 5

Cobit 5 is an internationally accepted framework for IT governance that structures the tasks of enterprise IT into process and control aims.

We assisted our customers in setting up concrete assessment points from Cobit 5 templates. We made sure that these assessment points could be used in several different audits (e.g. in parallel audit of different assessment objects) and defined standardized assessment forms to individual topics (e.g. event management, authorization management etc.). That ensured the prospective extensive consideration of all relevant and risky IT core processes. Additionally we realized a simplified coordination of assessment content at the customers’ service providers by connecting the customized assessment points to the process or control aim of Cobit 5 standard.

Branch: banks and financial service providers
Company size: 1.400 employees
Tasks: conception, system supported launch, project support

System supported OpRisk calculations and reports according to Basel II/III

Basel II/III direct the capital regulations, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision recommended the past few years.

For our customer we developed a management system that gathers and calculates the operational risks including outsourced entities, according to Basel II/III. Not only the user-friendly gathering and the partly automated import of risks were in the focus but also the reporting within seconds at the push of a button according to Basel regulations.

Branch: banks and financial service providers
Company size: 540 employees
Taks: conception, implementation, professional support in the site acceptance test of the reports by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)

IT security: management of exceptions

Every IT security department is familiar with the problem: we define rules in the first place, but certain business processes require particular exceptions. A typical example would be the sale’s request for unlocking the USB port.

For our customer, an international automotive group, we developed a system, that helps managing the exceptions and also gives a recommendation on rejecting or approving a request, based on historical decisions.

Branch: Industry / Automotive
Company size: 600.000 employees
Tasks: conception, implementation, launch